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Artists that make their own paths

While many artists derive their methods and mediums from earlier established ones. There are some that break the mould and create their own innovative mediums and methods for their artistic expressions. Jean Grant Horner, a Canadian artist is one such. The adjoining named,Fire Birds, a sample of her work. In her own words " My primary interest is in colour and texture. I love the texture of old walls found in the historic sites of the South West and Mexico. Touching them connects me with the hands that made them. Whether I am working with pastels or arcylics I incorporate texture."
To me personally the combination of red, black and mustard yellow colors on their own may represent the evil side of the universe but the additional of a color like white to the composition can completely change the work to an esoteric one as in this painting.
Jean Grant Horner lives in the idyllic surroundings of her country estate at Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island where she engages herse…