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Renaming old works of Art – Dark Clouds of Armageddon

When a work of art remains in a single hand, that of the artist and creator, he may leave it unnamed, name it and change the name if he so desires. Once it is sold, he no longer has a right on it and it is not appropriate to do so. Personally, I have been a scientist and academic and painted of and on over the last several years when time and inclination permitted. Many of the works were destroyed later in the belief that an oil and canvas has a very long life and I would not like to leave for the world something that is not the best. Not having to depend on art for a living, I have also not sold my paintings. Some have been gifted and others (about half a dozen) remain in my possession and adorn the walls of my home. At times I use a picture as illustration for a note or an article. Today morning, I added one to an article (here) about a possible apocalypse the world might be headed for. It was earlier been named ‘Dark Clouds over Syria” but today I gave it a new name – Dark Clouds o…