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Moghul Miniature Painting - Ranthambore

The miniature paintings of the Moghul era had a very unique and distinctive style inspired by Persian art forms. The techniques are broadly comparable to the Western and Byzantine traditions of miniatures in illuminated manuscripts .It depicted real life scenes and historic events as this one here that has been restored somewhat to reveal the probable original bright colors. The scene depicts Emperor Akbar (in white, at top right) directing the attack against Rao Surjan Hada at Ranthambhore fort. The fort is perched on top of a steep rock cliff, and its guns blaze out across a void at the Mughal troops on the facing rocky outcrop. Tents are pitched at lower left, near the men who are constructing 'sabats', or covered ways, in order to allow the army to move nearer to the enemy.

Ranthambore - Candle Stand Frame in Solid Gold

The photo shows a portion of the frame around a candle stand made from a solid plate of gold weighing around 32 kilograms that was installed on the wall behind the Kings bed at Ranthambore. The bed was safely removed from the wall in case the frame ever came loose in an earthquake or cannon attacks on the fort. There was a good reason to use much gold in the Kings Chamber because in case the palace ever came under surprise attack the plan was to escape with such objects along with the queen, the princes and a few chosen guards through a secret passage that led from the chamber to a tunnel that led into the surrounding tiger forests of Ranthambore. An earlier ancestor who used to keep diamonds instead when caused to escape once found that diamonds cannot be sold as easily incognito because they are suspected to be glass by urban traders of other lands..
fiction digital art and account

 Image from (modified here):,_Ranthambore_Nationa…

Jewels of Ranthambore - A Night Shirt

The day clothes of the King of Ranthambore were in solid colors with thin brocade borders only with most of the adornment to his attire coming from Jewellery he wore with it. However for the night when all jewellery came off (except a little around his private areas), he wore night shirts in very vivid prints that were worn with or without pajamas in solid colors of a matching shade. The photo above shows one for a summer night. It has four small buttons of turquoise that had to be replaced every time the shirt came from the washer man. it is rumored that the wife of the washer man had built a huge collection of such buttons that she intended to encash for her retirement some day.
The art and descriptions are fictional and imaginary

Image from:,_Built.JPG This file is licensed under the Creative CommonsAttribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Jewels of Ranthambore - The Flower Vase

This flower vase is kept in the Queens living room.  It is made of fine china with an overlay of enameled silver filigree work set with white diamonds of a high clarity. The flowers that the maid has collected today for arranging in the vase are in the picture below

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Jewels of Ranthambore III

This pair of earrings crafted in platinum, gold, blue sapphires, diamonds and rubies is fondly worn by the queen on her wedding anniversaries every year, because it was gifted to her by the King on her first wedding anniversary celebrated in the Sangla Valley of Himalayas,with a matching necklace and ring (not shown here) and a frilled transaparent night gown of nylon in a matching shade of blue and a bouquet of blue irises. The queen is fifty years of age presently and shall be able to wear it up to the age of fifty-five at which time Queens of Ranthambore move into separate apartments and stop celebrating wedding anniversaries.

Picture and account above Fictional Art Creation

Jewels of Ranthambore -II

From the Kings Chronicles:
Account of Item Number 5000:This item was crafted at the time of the present King’s great grandfather King Mahashura the fifth as a medal and gift for General Mahalingam after his victorious return from battle of Khandwa in 1871. Hundred more similar ones were cast for later use, all crafted in gold with deep red and maroon enamel work, pink agate and lapis lazuli. The medallion portion has a single high luster diamond of a pink hue near its top. The medal, known as the Mahalingam Medal with pink Chinese satin ribbons can be detached from the necklace for independent adornment because of two hook clasps on the back side of the necklace. Forty eight of them have since have been awarded to other high ranking military dignitaries.
One was borrowed supposedly to be used as a model by King Chuteda Mahalassu of Morsi while on a friendly lion hunting visit to Ranthambore. He never bothered to return it and the Kingdom of Ranthambore too polite to ask back for it.…

Jewels of Ranthambore

Two items of Jewellery from the Kings collection:

Both pieces as visulalized here are fictional digital art creations by this blogger :)

Blue Lace flower from Andromeda Galaxy

Following are pictures of the blue lace flower found in the Andoromeda Galaxy in budding and flowering states

The flower in bloom is shown below

Both pictures are fictional digital creations by this blogger

The Antique Necklace of Gold and Jewels at Ranthambore

Unlike other art, fractal art is unique in the sense that the creator does not have full control. He works with certain mathematical functions and sees what they produce. When an image or a portion of an image appears that is promising he may then work on it further to develop it into a pleasing work of art. Because of this two way process, between the artist and the software one does not really know what one would end up with. As for example in my most recent attempt I ended up with an antique necklace of gold and jewels. The Gem stones in the necklace are emeralds and garnets in its most common hues of purple, very widely used in Jaipur State, now district of North Western India. Heavy necklaces of several strands were at times  supported on a velvet backing, in this case red velvet.  The design and colors have a very Royal Indian look to them reminding one of the Kings and Queens of a time gone by.

Sky Kundalini

This digital art is entitled Sky Kundalini and it is inspired by the traditional Kundalini yoga as practiced by some Yogis. Please feel free to copy and use anywhere you like just as long as you give credit to this blog  and the creator

Back to Digital Art

Although I love oil on canvas, creating a work of art on canvas is a strenuous and time consuming job. Therefore with my other pursuits there has been no time to return to it for the past several years. Nevertheless the urge to create works of arts remains and therefore I returned to something I have done before, digital fractal art. Creating art has a side benefit it draws ones mind away from the turmoil that may be taking place in the world and which the media never fails to remind.
The piece with this blog post has been entitled – Chandelier in Queen's Bedroom  at Ranthambore