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Dark Matter

Consciousness observing the mind generates love and hatred, joy and sorrow. The human mind plays with opposites of heat and cold, dark and light, lies and truth. The underlying consciousness is a manifestation of what is called dark matter by scientists in living beings, just as gravity is one of its manifestations in inanimate matter. It is the source of feelings and emotions that arise from the consciousness. Fire cannot burn it nor can water make it wet. It is beyond the physical laws because it is a source of them. Focused on an individual life form, it is what sages call a soul. It is but a part of the sea of dark matter that pervades the created universe and is a source of it all. It has been termed as dark matter by scientists but a more correct terminology is eternal matter because it existed before the created universe came into being and will continue to exist even after the created universe dissolves in it for yet another birth. It is neither dark nor bright but the source…