Two Together – A Sketch

If either falls, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. Eccelestiastes 4:10
Yet one who loves God, walks in the company of angels
In 1991 I visited a friend in Egypt. His village in the Beni Suef province is situated on the banks of a branch of the Nile River. On my return with thoughts of the Nile, I made some sketches with colored pens on paper. Most have been lost now but this one remains. On the lower right corner my name Ashok is signed in Arabic of which I have a rudimentary knowledge from my stints in the Middle East.

Developing an Image for a Note about God

Right now I am preparing a note about God for my new blog devoted exclusively to spirituality and considered adding an image at
For that I took a NASA image in the public domain and made digital alterations to it to make it more suitable for the article. The result was quite nice and perhaps good enough to share in this blog on art as an example of digital art. While preparing a physical work of art such as an oil on canvastakes a lot of time, digital art can be produced rather quickly with modern tools and software. The image can be used as an aid in meditation on God as our Universal Father and Mother, not as that belonging to any one religion.

How is the value of an oil painting determined?

Many wonder at the huge price of works of arts like some oil paintings on Canvas that are auctioned by leading auction houses from time to time while they find other works of art in a flee market going for a few dollars, some that seem just as nice or nicer.
How is the value of a work of art fixed? An answer to this can be found if we go back to the beginnings of human civilization. At first, humans traded goods in kind, for example a sack of grains for an animal skin. In time however humans invented coins and currency that were easier to carry to the market. A sack of gain was considered equivalent to a certain number of coins as was an animal skin. Thus based on the demand and supply of goods, monetary values were determined for all the things humans need.
The invention of money also permitted humans to accumulate and store wealth in a compact manner. In time similar values became associated with precious metals such as gold and silver, precious jewels etc. that do not rust or cor…

Renaming old works of Art – Dark Clouds of Armageddon

When a work of art remains in a single hand, that of the artist and creator, he may leave it unnamed, name it and change the name if he so desires. Once it is sold, he no longer has a right on it and it is not appropriate to do so. Personally, I have been a scientist and academic and painted of and on over the last several years when time and inclination permitted. Many of the works were destroyed later in the belief that an oil and canvas has a very long life and I would not like to leave for the world something that is not the best. Not having to depend on art for a living, I have also not sold my paintings. Some have been gifted and others (about half a dozen) remain in my possession and adorn the walls of my home. At times I use a picture as illustration for a note or an article. Today morning, I added one to an article (here) about a possible apocalypse the world might be headed for. It was earlier been named ‘Dark Clouds over Syria” but today I gave it a new name – Dark Clouds o…

Spiritual Words

Today I took a portion of an image from an older oil painting illustrated in this blog and with some digital alterations and text ( Words of Buddha that I found on Facebook) produced this poster that I shared on twitter

The Beauty of Classical Art

Nothing compares with the beauty of classical oil paintings on Canvas. Art Image accompanying this post: Landschaft mit einem Wasserfall by Ludwig Philipp Strack

Artistic Digital Posters

Nowadays many digital posters are shared on social media. These are photos or art work with a message or text inscribed on them and at times they have artistic merit of their own quite apart from the message they may convey. I quite liked this one prepared for a blog post on the state of the economy. An interested reader can read about that in a companion blog at