An image from Syria

Dark Clouds over Syria, Oil on Canvas (2012) by Ashok Malhotra

Usually my mind is focused on happy thoughts when I play with forms and colors on a canvas. However, this one is an exception. It was created when thoughts were focused on the tragedy that is unfolding in Syria - violence and destruction.

Can the crisis in Syria be solved?

For sure it can. An easy solution is here:

Why is the solution not being implemented?
Perhaps the world wants to sell more guns for profit

How many more guns must be sold, how much more blood must flow before peace comes to the people of Syria and refugees including sweet children, just as sweet as yours or mine can return home?

Update 2016: The war in Syria has gone on even more than four years after this note. This painting still remains in my possession and now I prefer to call it Dark Clouds of Armageddon. The red color on the painting depicts the blood of children killed in this war.


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