Difficulties In Photographing Paintings

The oil paintings shown in this blog are still in my possession. I photographed them at home with a digital camera that I purchased from a shop called Dayal Radio in Nainital a few years ago. It is a really old shop from which my dad had purchased a radio decades ago. Now it sells other goods such as cameras. I am not much of a photographer but the Himalayan scenery in and around Nainital is so beautiful that I just had to capture some.

The camera has been great for photographing scenery and people. Some of the photographs are in my other blogs. However the problem with trying to photograph an oil painting is that the colors and picture does not come out exactly like the original. It is influenced by lighting, angle etc. and it does not help if one is an amateur photographer like me.After one has snapped the photo with some of the wall too one can crop it with digital programs to remove as much of the wall and/or frame that one wishes to.

The problem did not end here because the camera takes pictures in huge sizes that take ages to process and upload. Anyway I fumbled along in displaying the paintings until at last I found a solution to most of my problems. It is software called Irfan View that can be downloaded free from the Internet (a google search will lead you to its url). It can resize pictures; crop them to remove unwanted bits of wall or frame. It can also add a frame of its own in a huge range of colors and styles. Therefore now with the help of dear old Irfan view (my many thanks to the creators and distributors of this software) I have resized the pictures, added a simple border and reloaded them in this blog. The colors are still not exactly right but that can perhaps wait for another time, or, for a viewer to drop in to my home to see them in real life.

Just added a photo from Nainital from a location near the shop the camera was purchased from. I am the guy facing the camera not the one walking away from it. Sorry that I am so tiny in the photo. The idea was to capture the green hill and lake in the background. Clearer pictures of me can be found in the other blogs. The processing is due to Irfan View again with grateful thanks to them once again..


Anonymous said…
Beautiful Paintings, Love your art!

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