A Study in Red

A Study in Red: Thorns on a Creeping Branch

Digital Art Composition by Ashok Malhotra

This is a completely digital work of art created on my computer from fractal images. I call it very simply 'A Study in Red'. I took up digital art when I found that I needed some art images for my online and print publications. It takes me months to complete a work of art in oil on canvas. On the other hand digital creations can be made much more quickly. Certainly they are no match for a work of art on canvas that can last for centuries, but when it comes to an image for a print publication, they are just fine. I have kept the resolution intentionally low in this work because that suffices and then it can be uploaded quickly.


James Smith said…
Very good example of digital photo to canvas painting, visit here to get in touch with an artist for your Bautiful canvas Painting in USA

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