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Until five years ago, I had a blog on art but then professional pursuits engaged me so that I had to move away from art and delete the blog. Recently on a google search of contemporary Asian art, I discovered that although there is much exciting information on the art from China, there was little such information about the contemporary art from India. One reason for this is that artists from India have made little effort to display their work to the world. Therefore I am relaunching this new blog on art. My own work is only a small sample of what is available in India today. However, art has been a passion for me as long as I can remember and today this new blog is being launched to share some of my thoughts and works of art and to hear your views. The name of the blog is Form and Color because for me art means a combination of light and shadows, form and color, in a manner that makes an emotional impact on the viewer, because it is the emotional content of thoughts that make them memorable. At the same time the combination of colors and forms must not be completely abstract in my work but rather represent a real life object, thing, being, situation or landscape in an unambiguous albeit minimalistic manner. Nevertheless when viewers move into a deeper space within themselves a painting will evoke different meanings to different viewers because for me the object must not be represented photographically to its exact dimensions for the art to be regarded as postmodern, the preferred style of this artist. Stylistic abstraction may be introduced in the components of the object or scene and full abstraction may be used in the choice of colors as well as the background and surroundings. The stub of a tree is is my favorite object in paintings. It has a purpose - the purpose of inspiring a desire to give life to the landscape by introducing real life trees.

About this Blogger:

Dr. Ashok Malhotra was born in 1950 in Pune India. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. He went on to do a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at the same Institute and then moved on to Canada where he obtained his doctoral degree in 1978 from the University of British Columbia. Dr. Malhotra has practiced his academic profession in several countries around the world as a Professor of Engineering. Since early 2001 he has worked in senior administrative positions (as the Director) of three different engineering colleges of India. Besides his technical profession, Dr. Malhotra has deep interests in human history, evolution and spiritual philosophy, writing fiction and painting/art. He has published several general articles on the Internet and books besides his scientific publications that are available in reputed scientific journals.Dr. Malhotra may be contacted through a comment in the latest post to this blog.


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