Ranthambore - Candle Stand Frame in Solid Gold

The photo shows a portion of the frame around a candle stand made from a solid plate of gold weighing around 32 kilograms that was installed on the wall behind the Kings bed at Ranthambore. The bed was safely removed from the wall in case the frame ever came loose in an earthquake or cannon attacks on the fort. There was a good reason to use much gold in the Kings Chamber because in case the palace ever came under surprise attack the plan was to escape with such objects along with the queen, the princes and a few chosen guards through a secret passage that led from the chamber to a tunnel that led into the surrounding tiger forests of Ranthambore. An earlier ancestor who used to keep diamonds instead when caused to escape once found that diamonds cannot be sold as easily incognito because they are suspected to be glass by urban traders of other lands..

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Reclining tiger in a Ranthambore Forest
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