Moghul Miniature Painting - Ranthambore

Emperor Akbar directing the attack against Rao Surjan Hada at Ranthambhore Fort, 1569

The miniature paintings of the Moghul era had a very unique and distinctive style inspired by Persian art forms. The techniques are broadly comparable to the Western and Byzantine traditions of miniatures in illuminated manuscripts .It depicted real life scenes and historic events as this one here that has been restored somewhat to reveal the probable original bright colors. The scene depicts Emperor Akbar (in white, at top right) directing the attack against Rao Surjan Hada at Ranthambhore fort. The fort is perched on top of a steep rock cliff, and its guns blaze out across a void at the Mughal troops on the facing rocky outcrop. Tents are pitched at lower left, near the men who are constructing 'sabats', or covered ways, in order to allow the army to move nearer to the enemy.


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