Jewels of Ranthambore -II

Item No. 5000 from treasury of King of Ranthambore - Necklace with Medal

From the Kings Chronicles:

Account of Item Number 5000:  This item was crafted at the time of the present King’s great grandfather King Mahashura the fifth as a medal and gift for General Mahalingam after his victorious return from battle of Khandwa in 1871. Hundred more similar ones were cast for later use, all crafted in gold with deep red and maroon enamel work, pink agate and lapis lazuli. The medallion portion has a single high luster diamond of a pink hue near its top. The medal, known as the Mahalingam Medal with pink Chinese satin ribbons can be detached from the necklace for independent adornment because of two hook clasps on the back side of the necklace. Forty eight of them have since have been awarded to other high ranking military dignitaries.  

One was borrowed supposedly to be used as a model by King Chuteda Mahalassu of Morsi while on a friendly lion hunting visit to Ranthambore. He never bothered to return it and the Kingdom of Ranthambore too polite to ask back for it. The present queen often recounts the story in private and says she has seen it long ago in the inner room of the Morsi treasury while on a visit several decades ago while she was there on a friendly visit. The Queen of Morsi is a first cousin of the King of Ranthambore.  Fifty one are still in royal collection and constitute items 5000 to 5050 of the royal treasury.

Photo and account are fictional digital art creations by the author.  : )


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