Jewels of Ranthambore - A Night Shirt

A Summer Night's Shirt of the King

The day clothes of the King of Ranthambore were in solid colors with thin brocade borders only with most of the adornment to his attire coming from Jewellery he wore with it. However for the night when all jewellery came off he wore night shirts in very vivid prints that were worn with or without pajamas in solid colors of a matching shade. The photo above shows one for a summer night. It has four small buttons of turquoise that had to be replaced every time the shirt came from the washer man. it is rumored that the wife of the washer man had built a huge collection of such buttons that she intended to encash for her retirement some day.

The art and descriptions are fictional and imaginary

An Image of the old Fort of Ranthambore built in 922 AD

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