The Antique Necklace of Gold and Jewels at Ranthambore

The Antique Necklace of Gold and Jewels, Digital Art by Ashok

Unlike other art, fractal art is unique in the sense that the creator does not have full control. He works with certain mathematical functions and sees what they produce. When an image or a portion of an image appears that is promising he may then work on it further to develop it into a pleasing work of art. Because of this two way process, between the artist and the software one does not really know what one would end up with. As for example in my most recent attempt I ended up with an antique necklace of gold and jewels. The Gem stones in the necklace are emeralds and garnets in its most common hues of purple, very widely used in Jaipur State, now district of North Western India. Heavy necklaces of several strands were at times  supported on a velvet backing, in this case red velvet.  The design and colors have a very Royal Indian look to them reminding one of the Kings and Queens of a time gone by.


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